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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Hunter Fowler and I met at BYU where we bonded over our impossible statistics class and good food. She is one of the most creative and loving people I have ever met, and we instantly became good friends. Not only is Hunter an amazing person, but she is also amazing behind a camera. We have been lucky enough to work together professionally a few times, and at one of these shoots, we began to talk about taking a trip abroad with our husbands. A few months later and another couple added into the mix, we booked our flights to Puerto Rico, six months before we were to leave. 

We stayed in the heart of Old San Juan, in an amazing apartment that overlooked charming cobblestone streets and brightly painted walls. Each day we did something new, from sight-seeing to snorkeling to cliff jumping; and with Hunter there, you had better believe that it was all well documented. 

Day One: 

We spent the day around Old San Juan, and toured the two forts that stand on the coastline: the San Felipe del Morro Fortress, and the Castillo de San Cristóbal. The forts are full of history and architetual beauty. As there aren't too many restrictions at the sites, our husbands had a fun time climbing over walls, running through the tunnels, and picking up cannon balls.  We finished off our first day with a great meal close to our apartment thanks to Robby Lish's recommendations. 


Day Two: 

On Tuesday we took an excursion to the South-West coast of Puerto Rico. Our driver kept us laughing as we drove through some of the prettiest rain forest I have ever seen. We arrived at a small dock, that none of us even know the name of, and we took a ferry to the most amazing island I have ever been to. Garret and I will forever cherish the picturesque memories that we made on that island made of mangrove trees. We swam for hours in the fish filled water, diving for shells, and a closer look at the reefs. The white sand and crystal clear water could have come from a Pinterest post. That night we drove to a small fish town where we ate dinner at a Puerto Rican bakery and watched the sun set. We then set out onto the water again to swim in the bioluminescent bay. The boys had a hay day swimming in the water that seemed to glow around them as they moved. It was truly a magical day. 


Day Three: 

We spent Wednesday shooting product that we had brought with us and sightseeing around San Juan. The cobblestone roads, colorful shops, and unique doorways have been a historic part of San Juan for years, and they provided the perfect backdrop for us to use. We brought products from a wide range of companies, including Tossed Salt Spray, Agness and Dora, Fresh Tangerine, Shop Amara, Called to Surf, Lime Ricky, Thread Wallets, Whole Graci, and Meish Clothing. Watch for a post about these vendors soon! Also, because all three couples that came were celebrating their one year wedding anniversaries, we all took one year pictures as couples as well. Again, We finished our day off with an amazing meal at a tapas restaurant that specialized in sea food. 


Day Four:

We decided to rent a car for the last two days that we were in Puerto Rico to give us some more mobility. We took off Thursday morning and headed strait for the El Yunque Rain Forest. We lathered on the bug spray and started off down the trail to the La Mina waterfall. We knew it would be crowded because we passed lots of people on the trail, so when we got the waterfall we left the path and worked our way down the river until we found our own secluded falls. We swam, took pictures, and jumped off of the cliffs into the pools of water below. We ate lunch at a little shack on the side of the road with the most amazing view of the hills and mountains. That afternoon we drove to a beach outside San Juan and just relaxed. As usual we ended our day with a wonderful meal in San Juan. 


Day Five: 

We took the car out again, and this time we drove West, and found a hidden beach that we had all to ourselves. We set up camp beneath some trees and headed out into the water. Again Puerto Rico did not disappoint with its snorkeling. Our beach had submerged rocks that lined the coast and were home to many different species of fish, and most importantly home to lots and lots of shells. My husband Garret is a fish, and only got out of the water once to eat some food, and then got right back in. We spent most of the day there, and after the beach Garret and I set off on our own while the others returned to San Juan. We drove to La Cueve Del Indio, a beautiful stretch of coast with massive cliffs, vast views, and tall waves. Garret and I really wanted to find some amazing cliff jumping and boy this place did not disappoint. We weren’t really sure how high the cliffs were, and we had to guess which spots were jumped from the most, but it was a blast, and ended up being our favorite activity there. 


Day Six:

We woke up early and set out on the town to find some breakfast before heading to the airport. We found a place that served waffles, and we ordered everything from a waffle with fruit to creme brulee waffles. They were amazing. 

We never wanted to leave, but we knew that we had places to be and things to do. Puerto Rico was a dream, and it definitely won’t be the last time we visit! 

What to Wear in Puerto Rico

What to Wear in Puerto Rico

Matt Clayton

Matt Clayton