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Geode Beds

Geode Beds

Every couple of years my family makes the long trek out to the Geode Beds in Dugway, Utah. Rock hounding has always been a big part of my family, especially for my mom. Geode hunting is probably as close to treasure hunting as I will ever get in my life. There's just something special about digging to find things that sparkle, and the allure of not knowing if something will really be there. When we hunt for geodes (this is where my husband would say "nerd!") we drive to commercial dig sites where companies have brought large backhoes in to dig for big geodes. Luckily for us they only take the big ones and everything else is left behind for anyone else to come and shift through. You can literally find geodes everywhere, and you really don't have to do that much digging to find them. We have been five times and every time we come home with hundreds. The only catch is that you never know if what you are holding is actually a geode. You have to pull out your best detective skills to decide if what you are holding is worth bringing home or not. Your first clue is that geodes are round. Most resemble a sphere as close as nature allows. Your second clue is that the best geodes are the lightest. You want a geode that has a large cavern inside and that would make it lighter than the rest. We bring all of our geodes home un-cracked so that we can cut them with a saw. Some people like to just crack them there! When we cut them at home we use a tile saw and we wash them before we cut them to avoid a backup of dirt in the saw. We then lay them out to let them dry and then we bag them for later. We love to give them as gifts, use them as decoration, and for the occasional art project. Message me here, on Instagram or shoot me an email if you want more information and directions! 


Here are some photos of one of our first times we went!

Allure Bridal Fall 2017

Allure Bridal Fall 2017